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Test page only, text modified from: OHS026 Safe Work Procedure. Please use this template to draft your text before pasting into the UNSW Safe Work Procedure Form OHS026. Do not overwrite the Wiki template page, save any SWP drafts as new pages pages. Title the new page "SWP - your description here"

Hard copies of completed forms should be kept in laboratories and submitted to Jen Hartley, SOMS OHS Officer for the SWP Register.


School/ Divisional Unit:

Document number:

Initial Issue date:

Current Version:

Current Version Issue date:

Next review date:

The Safe Work Procedure - Guide to Writing (OHS027) should be consulted to assist in the completion of this form.


Safe Work Procedure Title and basic description



Associated risk assessment title and location:

Describe the activity or process

List all resources required including plant, chemicals, personal protective clothing and equipment, etc

List potential hazards and risk controls including specific precautions required

List emergency shutdown instructions

List clean up and waste disposal requirements

List legislation, standards and codes of practice used in the development of the SWP

Supervisory approval, training, and review



Plant custodian:


List competency required – qualifications, certificates, licencing, training - eg course or instruction:

SWP review date:

Responsibility for SWP review:

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